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Our business

First: - Zinc P P G I (IPE)

Zinc sheets all sizes, thicknesses and colors

It is used in the work of hangars, umbrellas and warehouses

 Second: -  L P 4. Zinc sheets

It is used in the work of caravans, prefabricated houses and mobile refrigerators

Third: - Surfaces: -

1 - iron black sheet and coils.

Cold rolled sheet (oiled)

Galvanized sheet (all origin)

Stainless steel sheet

Aluminum and leashes


Iron Sticks

Fourth: - Bars: -

1. angles

Parallel angles



Light and medium pipes

Pipes Table

ASTM A53 Pipes

High pressure pipes

A granular sheet

Fifth: BEAM'S and ponies

1 - BEAM (IPE)

2 - BEAM (IPN)

3 - BEAM (UPN)

4 - BEAM (HE)

5 - BEAM (HL)

6 - BEAM (W)

7 - BEAM (UB)

8 - BEAM (UC)

9 - BEAM (C)

10 - BEAM (PFC)

11 - BEAM (HJ)

12 - BEAM (U)

- Quality: - Mohammed Al-Otailea Steel Industries Co. enjoys a good reputation in the field of quality and providing excellent products and services to its customers. Since its inception in 2013, its commitment to quality has grown in line with the expansion of its operations.

The commitment of Mohammed Al-Otaileh Steel Industries is reflected in the TQM program. This program has been implemented and has set international standards for achieving ISO 9001.

In order to enhance the quality standards according to the latest international trends, Mohammed Al-Otaileh Steel Factory has been keen to cooperate with leading global partners such as SABIC, Unicell, Jubail, Al-Dekheila, Hyundai and other international companies. In a joint venture, to take advantage of their diverse expertise and to transfer their latest technology.This strategic direction enables us to build industrial complexes of world-class standards, producing a wide variety of major industrial products, including metals and specialty products. Industries Lydia, the adoption of the highest international quality standards and modern technologies. The application of the latest technologies that achieve the quality of their products, enhanced efforts innovative for its system of research and technology, making it adds high value, not for operations customers alone, but also for the operations of their customers together.